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Doyle Dertell

Born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada on a beef cattle and horse farm where the family has been farmers and horsemen for many generations. In the mid 70's Doyle's parents Lynn and David Dertell started their pure Arabian breeding program with the importation of a stallion and mare from the USA. These horses where used to bring up the standard of the domestic heard and continue with the new found love of the Arabian horse. Doyle spent all of his youth working, showing and enjoying the horses, and grew the same passion for the Arabian horse as his parents had.

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Kate Dertell

Born into a family who was heavily involved with horses, Kate started riding as soon as she was born. Her mother, Jennifer Campbell, had been showing horses for years, and made sure her daughter was going to follow in the same footsteps! Kate started at Helensburgh Pony Club (south of Sydney) just before her 4th birthday. She continued throughthe ranks of Pony Club to the highest levels. At the age of 14, Kate was selected onto the Australian Prince Phillip Games Team, and was sent on tour of the USA representing Australia at the International Games where the Australian Team won the Silver Medal. It was Kate's first Arabian mare - a partbred mare Pasadena Shelley - who was her mount to get her selected onto the team.

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Doyle, Kate, Kody and Jessica with CraveFF


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