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Future Farms
Future Farms

Ben Thomson

We are thrilled to be able to introduce Ben to the team! One of New Zealand’s top hack riders, Ben will be seen riding some of our show team this season, and heads up the saddle division in the barn.

Emma Adams

Emma has now joined Future Farms full time after finishing school. She is a top rider and show person, and will also be seen riding some of the saddle horses this season. Emma owns Australia’s most famous gelding “Bullion”.

Scott Henshall

Nothing is too difficult for Scott! A local man who has been with us since moving to the new farm in early 2008, Scott works both grooming the horses and manages the Farm Maintenance

Jenny and Ron Campbell

We could not live without! Helping out in all aspects of the farm, from Babysitting, feeding horses, building fences – their list is forever endless!!

Elaine Brown & David Trott

Elaine & David are a wonderfull asset to our team. joining us in 2004 they bring years of experiance from their own breeding farm, and they allow us the flexability to know the barn is in complete order on days we are away.

The Babysitters

The most important part of team Future Farms. Without these people shows would be impossible! We would like to sincerely thank you all for your endless support, and constant willingnes to look after Kody & Jessica.

  • Jenny & Ron Campbell
  • Lynn Dertell
  • Hayden, Christine and Helmut Kiefer
  • Kylie Beauchamp
Future Farms
Future Farms
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