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Future Farms Arabians  

Gladiator FF
(Fearless FF x Glorious FF (x Crave FF)

Brown weanling Arabian Warmblood gelding


Future Farms Arabians  

Justified FF
(Concherto FF x Mystica Abia (x WH Justice))

Brown weanling Anglo Arabian colt. In full show prep.


Future Farms Arabians  

Fahrenheit FF
(Sir Charmed FF (exp USA) x Double TT Fevia)

Black/brown 15.3 1/2hh yearling Arabian Warmblood colt. Brother to the outstanding Fever FF, Fearless FF and Fantasy FF


Jalilah FF
(Crave FF x Mystica Jamarlee (x Marwan Al Shaqab)

Bay 2yo purebred arabian filly. Multi National, East Coast and Australian Championship winner.



Pandora FF
(Brandon Bey JCA (USA) x Fames Passion)

Bay 15.3 hh 7yo purebred arabian mare. A and AA class halter championship winner, started under saddle and has been a great mother.



Link FF
(Spades LRA (Imp USA) x Iimagine FF (Crave FF x Lovely Iimage (Imp USA))

Sold to SA


Future Farms Arabians  

Karma Park Tom Collins
(Wesswood Ravens Caste x El Raz Tequila Rose)

Sold to QLD


Future Farms Arabians  

Jacksons Black Diamonds
(Spades LRA (Imp USA) x Jacksons Miss Dior)

Sold to SA



2017 Brown Colt Foal
(Volcom FF x Abha Shaquiera (Imp ES))


Purebred Bay Colt Foal
(Crave FF x Vanity Fair FF)


QHF Dark by Design
(Crave FF x Vanity Fair FF)

Black purebred arabian yearling colt sired by Crave FF. National Champion
Yearling colt. Tall, pretty and athletic!



2017 Brown Arabian Warmblood Colt
(Spades LRA (Imp USA) x Double TT Fevia)

Half brother to Fever FF, Fearless FF and Fantasy FF.


Sir Charmed FF
(SF Sir Real (Imp/Exp USA) x Bremervale Charmed)

Brown Purebred Arabian Colt



Enchanting FF
Crave FF x Lexington Elysee (x Espano Estopa)

Grey 4yo purebred arabian mare of the highest calibre. State, National, East Coast, Australasian Breeders Cup and Australian Championship ribbon winner.Shown and handled by professionals and youth. Started under saddle


Phantom FF
(Spades LRA (Imp USA) x Shimmering Princess FF)

Congratulations to Ellen Lober in NSW on the purchase of this beautiful boy

Brown weanling purebred arabian colt. Currently in full work and ready to show



Cards FF
(Spades LRA (Imp USA) x Bremervale Charmed)

Congratulations to Rob Virag and Bianca Georgiades of Nefertari Arabians on the purchase of these two gorgeous purebreds.

Black weanling purebred arabian colt of the highest calibre. Half brother to national champions Crave FF, Sir Charmed FF and Prince Charming FF



Gangster FF
(Crave FF x Geasha Girl FF)

Congratulations to Annette and Allysse Smith of Ashwood Performance Horses on the purchase of this beautiful gelding.

Brown weanling ARP colt. Full brother to superstar Girlfriend FF

Future Farms Arabians  

2016 Grey AWB Filly
(Fever FF x Romance FF (BruMarBas Future (Imp USA) x Aloha Symphony)

Full sister to Romeo FF!

Future Farms Arabians  

Karma Park Royal Albert

2yo ARP/RP eligible part welsh colt. East Coast Champion and RP Pagent champion from first 2 shows. Super attitude, make super show pony and sire. Currently being started under saddle

Future Farms Arabians  

Channel Al Sahrae
(Crave FF x Annayah Al Sahrae (Iid USA))

Gorgeous type and loads of attitude!



2016 Grey Purebred Colt Foal
(Spades LRA (Imp USA) x Victoria Moon MH (Imp USA)

Future Farms Arabians  

2016 Arabian Pony colt
(Crave FF x Future Farms Tinkerbell)

Full brother to Tiara FF

Future Farms Arabians  

Kaspian CSH

5yo 14hh palomino Half Arabian gelding. Also registered SHC. Multi Championship winner in hand including National Champion, East Coast Champion and Reserve Australian Champion. Now going under saddle and just was Champion Newcomer at his first outing (A class show!). Lovely quiet horse to ride and going very well. Phone 0412304500 or email info@futurefarmsarabians.com

Simeon Sirena  

Simeon Sirena
(MB Mayal (Exp SA) x Simeon Sabaya (Exp QA))

Bay 11yo straight Egyptian mare. National Champion herself and produced National Championship winning progeny.

Cratos FF  

Cratos FF
(Status LL (Imp USA) x Bremervale Charmed)

Brown yearling purebred Arabian colt of the highest standard. Super body, movement and attitude. Future show and breeding colt.

Princess of Passion FF  

Princess of Passion FF
(Crave FF x Fames Passion)

Bay purebred Arabian mare. A class Supreme Championship winner. Great easy broodmare having produced 2 fillies (multi A class supreme championship winners).


Koorana Park Let's Celebrate

Grey 5yo Arabian Pony, Australian Pony, ASP, RP and SHC registered 11.3 1/2hh gelding. Superstar pony who has been a multi state, national and Royal Championship winning pony. Excels in led and ridden, first ridden, leading rein, side saddle, working hunter, games and even done a 40km endurance ride. Always handled/shown by kids. Beautiful pony with a massive future. Entered Adelaide and Melbourne Royals.

Jadid El Halimaar MH  

Jadid El Halimaar MH (Imp USA)
(Jabbaar El Halimaar MH x Victorian Moon MH)

Grey 10yo straight Egyptian stallion. State champion and top 5 east coast champion stallion.

Jai-Rhan Sahkorah  

Jai-Rhan Sahkorah
(Simeon Sahron x Simeon Shakhor)

Grey 5yo straight Egyptian mare. Halter trained and ready to show or breed.

Future Farms Arabians  

Brown Anglo Arabian colt foal
(Concherto FF x Abha Shaquiera (Imp ES))

Tall athletic colt with great type and huge movement.

Future Farms Arabians  

Koorana Park Lets Celebrate

Grey 5yo 11.3 3/4h Arabian Pony, APSB, RP, ASP and SHC gelding. Superstar show pony with championships both led and ridden at State, National and Royal level. Qualified Grand Nationals. Always ridden by kids, loves to jump and trail ride (also has completed a 40km endurance ride)

Simeon Saraaf  

Simeon Saraaf
(Anaza Bey Shah (Imp USA) x Simeon Setavi (GB))

Bay 10yo purebred arabian stallion. Reserve National and Reserve East Coast Champion stallion. Sire of national winning progeny. Started under saddle.

Eldonbrook Indianna  

Eldonbrook Indianna

Brown 5yo arabian pony mare. Australian Champion led. Multi championship winner under saddle. Entered Melb Royal. Loves to jump.


Girlfriend FF
(Crave FF x Geasha Girl FF)

Bay arp/rp/part welsh yearling to mature around 14hh. Full sister to royal, state and national winners



Tomcat FF
(Crave FF x Future Farms Tinkerbell)

Super gelding - make outstanding show and gelding



Cracker Jack
(Burren-Dah True Blue x Honeysuckle Rose)

Multi Supreme Champion and National Champion Arabian Pony/Part Welsh/ASSP Yearling Gelding

Temar Indecision  

Temar Indecision
(sf Sir Real (USA) x Temar Indirah)

Chestnut 3yo purebred gelding. Multi championship halter winning gelding.

Navarah SPI  

Navarah SPI
(Crave FF x Simeon Shahnara)

Bay yearling purebred Arabian filly. Multi Championship halter winner.

Entered Australian Championships


Electra FF
(Crave FF x Eternal Star)

Rising 3yo partbred Arabian buckskin filly. Full sister to show ring superstars Expressions ff, Gleniph Make a Wish and Envy FF. Started under saddle.

Cratos FF  

Prince Charming FF
(BruMarBas Future (Imp USA) x Bremervale Charmed)

Grey 7yo purebred Arabian gelding. Multi championship winner both led and ridden at all major shows in Australia including state, national, national capital, east coast and Australian championships. Shown by a youth. Loves to jump.

Gossip Girl FF  

Gossip Girl FF
(Crave FF x Geasha Girl FF)

Bay rising 4yo ARP/RP/Part welsh filly. Currently 14hh - should mature 14.1hh. Multi A and AA class halter champion, and A class saddle winner at her first few shows. 3/4 sibling to Tokyo Joe, Karate Kid and Schintaro.

Audrey H JCA  

Audrey H JCA (Imp USA)
(SF Sir Real (exp USA) x Princess of Passion FF)

Very rarely does a mare of this quality come available for sale, and she is only for sale as we have retained 3 of her daughters! Audrey is a Scottsdale Champion, National Stud Show Champion, East Coast Champion and an Australian Champion halter mare. She has produced championship winners at most major shows in Australia.


(EKS Bey El Gazal (USA) x Kasban Drama Queen)

Brown 2 year Purebred Arabian colt. Multi Championship winner in hand.

Sold to Malaysia.


Envy FF (pending)
(Crave FF x Eternal Starr)

Buckskin part bred Arabian filly of the highest calibre! Beautiful type, body, carriage, movement and colour - this filly has it all! Full sister to National/East Coast and Australian Championship winners Expressions FF and Gleniph Wish upon a Star.

Congratulation to Ellen Lober on the purchase of Envy FF!


Bo Diddly
(Roseglen White Knight x Honeysuckle Rose)

Buckskin yearling partbred Arabian show colt to mature around 15hh. Super colour, huge mover and already a multi show championship winner from his first lot of shows!

Sold to QLD


Gravity FF
(Fever FF x Greed is Good)

Black brown AWB colt to mature around 16-16.2hh. Super body and movement


Atlantis FF
(A-Jakarta (USA) x Audrey H JCA (Imp USA)

Grey 2yo purebred Arabian gelding. Big, tall, lots of snort and blow and type, Atlantis is a super show gelding. Shown successfully as a colt last season including Reserve National and Reserve East Coast Champion. Should mature 15.2-15.3hh.



Aamir Al Sahrae

Chestnut 3yo straight Egyptian purebred Arabian gelding. Wins at A and AA level in halter. Started under saddle.


Mystica Nizana
(Focus On Me (Imp USA) x Coolong Park Nizraya)

8yo Grey purebred Arabian mare with colt foal at foot by Prince Charming FF.



Bubble O Bill FF

Sold to NSW


Showgirl FF
(CraveFF x Mystica Sunshine (Imp USA) (Eden C x HED Carumba)

Sold to New Zewland


Justice FF
(Crave FF x Mystica Abia (x WH Justice))

Gorgeous type, super body and loads of snort and blow!

Sold to Victoria


Romeo FF
(Fever FF x Romance FF)

Brown AWB weanling colt of the highest calibre. Dam is a half sister to Concherto FF


Sold to QLD


Gleniph Got The Knack
(Concherto FF x Padrons Sharona LEA)

Grey yearling anglo Arabian colt of the highest calibre. East Coast Champion, Reserve National Champion. Make super show horse and future saddle / stud.


Mylani Akio

Brown yearling ARP gelding sired by Tokyo Joe (x CraveFF). Multi championship winner including East Coast Champion. Halter trained and ready to show!


(A-Jakarta (US) x Gameelah KA (Exp USA))

Outstanding purebred arabian colt foal of the highest calibre. Both parents multi champions across the world



Jayay Kashino

Grey Arabian Pony 14.2hh gelding. Super star show gelding that has won at State, National, East Coast and Australian Championship level with children, amateurs and professional handlers and riders. Super quiet and easy to do anything with. Kash will continue to make someone very happy as an easy show horse at the highest levels.


Sold to NSW


Burren-Dah The Magician
(Burren-Dah Illusions x Burren-Dah Cherie)

Bay anglo Arabian 14.3 7/8hh gelding of the highest calibre. Multi State, Royal, National, East Coast and Australian Championship winner in both led and ridden. Ridden and shown by both adults and children (as young as 8 years old).

Sold to UAE


A'Realia FF
(SF Sir Real (US) x Athena FF (BruMarBas Future (US) x Audrey H JCA (US)))

Super streth and attitude to burn. Make good show and later breeding filly


Buckwell Park Espionage

5yo black part bred arabian/RP/Part welsh 14.1hh gelding. Started under saddle and going very well - ready for all newcomers this season! Make great show galloway or pony dressage mount.


Annastazia CSH

Chestnut yearling ARP filly. Multi championship winner already. Amazing front, big movement. Entered Victorian State Championships and National Stud Show.


Obi Wun
(CraveFF x Avondale Tess)

Arabian Pony colt with type and attitude. Full brother to the beautiful Calamity Jane



Brampton Park Royal Command

Chestnut 7yo Arabian Pony/part welsh 12.1hh gelding. George has been a superstar show pony winning as an arabian pony Australian Champion and East Coast Champion Led and Ridden, Multi State Champion Led and Ridden. Lightly shown in the open ring for great success including royal Champion ridden under 12.2hh and Show Horse Council champion small pony. Ridden by now 9yo boy to many wins at the highest levels. LOVES to jump and sport. Attended Pony Club.


Gleniph Ajax
(A-Jakarta (US) x Eastwinds Axtreme)

Grey purebred arabian weanling gelding. He is the 2013 National Sweepstakes nominated gelding!



Magic FF

Outstanding Purebred Arabian Colt by CraveFF out of the same dam as the beautiful Avondale Grace.

Dreaming FF  

Dreaming FF
(SF Sir Real (Imp/Exp USA) x Reddy to Dream (TB))

Brown anglo arabian filly to mature around 16hh. Smooth body, great front, big mover and type!

Spiderman FF  

Spiderman FF

Grey arabian pony/part welsh 12hh gelding. Multi State, National and East Coast championship winner. Great second pony - ridden by children

Gleniph Zareelah  

Gleniph Zareelah
(SF Sir Real (Imp/exp USA) x Mystica Zarifa)

Bay purebred arabian filly. Lots of tail and trot! Very realistically priced


La Tika Lea
(Sadiks Psyche x Turringal Park La Kizzja)

Chestnut 4yo purebred arabian mare. A class champion at first outing!


Gleniph Hott Shot

14.3hh Chestnut Quarab gelding. Lovely big gelding who is currently being started under saddle.


Mr Skittles FF
(CraveFF x Elysee Silhouette)

Black arabian pony/part welsh colt weanling. Full sibling to Smurfette FF and half sibling to SpidermanFF and SupermanFF


Courage KA
(CraveFF x Breathless)

Outstanding weanling purebred gelding. Full brother to State, National, East Coast and Australian Champion Cruze KA



The Gambler
(Crave FF x Bluegrass Fairy Tale)

Outstanding yearling purebred arabian gelding. Multi show champion including state Champion. Also a Top Ten Australian Champion Yearling Colt.

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Gleniph Ellusion

Grey 15.1hh 14yo purebred arabian gelding. Shown to wins at A and AA level. Going well udner saddle and placed in his classes at Nationals 2012 at his first saddle outing.

Sold to Victoria


Gleniph Bastille

5yo chestnut Purebred arabian gelding. Started under saddle and going well. Ready to take on the show ring, or make a super pony club/adult riding club mount.

Sold to Victoria


Ellusionist FF
(CraveFF x Lexington Bint Ellusion)

Grey Purebred arabian weanling gelding. Fully halter trained and ready to show! Make great show and pleasure gelding.

Sold to Vic


Fractured FF
(CraveFF x Double TT Fevia)

Brown AWB colt foal. Full sibling to superstars Fantasy FF and Fever FF. Destined to follow in his siblings footsteps.

Sold to QLD


Black AWB filly foal
(Feve rFF x Sea Script (TB))

Outstanding black arabian warmblood filly to mature around 16hh.

Sold to Victoria


Spiderman FF
(BruMarBa's Future (Imp USA) x Elysee Silhouette)

4yo Grey 12.1hh Arabian Pony/Part welsh gelding. Super successful show pony at halter winning multi state, national and East Coast Champion. Shown successfulyl under saddle for many A and AA champions and reserves, and since being gelded 6 months ago now competing open show hunter ponies winning multiple championships. Being ridden by both teenager and 9yo. Jumping 50cm with ease with the kids. Easy to catch/shoe/float/wash/clip etc. Super second pony for a confident child who wants to go to the top! Currently in show condition and full training.


Sold to Victoria


Buckwell Park Count Down

14.3hh Liver chestnut part bred arabian gelding by Manorvale County Royal. Started under saddle and going well. Eligible all newcomers this season and ready to take it all by storm! Big moving horse - make outstanding show hunter galloway and arabian show horse!


Buckwell park Charisma

(Jackets Bluebird (imp UK) x Buckwell Park Picture)
5yo 14.1hh ARP mare -eligible RP and part welsh.

Started under saddle and going well - ready for newcomers this season! Make good show mare both open and breed rings, and pony dressage mount!


Temar Shamarra
(BruMarBas Future (Imp USA) x El-Shama)
Grey rising 2yo purebred arabian filly



Expressions FF
(CraveFF x Eternal Star)


Part bred arabian weanling colt. Extreme type, great body and movement. Sure to be a top show horse. Full brother to A and AA champion Gleniph Wish Upon A Star.


Temar Tannaan
(Prince CharmingFF x Tatima (Imp USA)


Grey purebred arabian colt. Super stretch, snort and blow. Make great show colt/geld


Temar Tannamii
(BruMarBas Future (Imp USA) x Tatima (Imp USA))


Grey rising 4yo purebred arabian gelding. Shown successfully led for many championships including State Champion. Currently being started under saddle and going well.


Calamity Jane
(CraveFF x Avondale Tess)


Outstanding Arabian Pony filly of the highest calibre. This one is sure to put you in the winners circle!



Heartthrob Craved By Heaven
(CraveFF x Arundel House Yaventia)


Bay 2010 purebred arabian filly. Multi Championships show winner.


Ballarina FF
(CraveFF x Krystal Park Buckwheat)


Bay Arabian Pony/part welsh weanling filly. Super neck, pretty filly. Full sister to State, National and East Coast Champions BuckBeautyFF, Bliss FF and Butterfly FF



Manhatten FF
(CraveFF x Mianaibara Angel of the Morning (x BruMarBas Future Imp USA))


Outstanding show and breeding colt. Halter trained and ready to go!!


Shantana Lovestruck


Grey Arabian pony weanling filly
Halter trained and lightly shown for success


(CraveFF x Sia-Nara)


Brown ARP/Part Welsh/Riding Pony weanling colt. Full brother to East Coast and Australian Champions Tokyo Joe (see stallion page) and Karate Kid. Top show and breeding quality colt.


Buckwell Park Gracelands


Chestnut rising 2yo Arabian Warmblood filly to mature approx 16.3hh. Super body and type with a great laid back trainable temperament. Halter trained and already a 5 x Supreme Champion show horse!


Daring FF


Foal by Crave FF out of the thoroughbred mare Greed is Good. Super tall colt with huge movement.


Shamali Shakista
(Fairview Shaklas Al Kha-zar x Shamali Shafiena)
Grey 3yo purebred arabian filly


Super tall ans stretchy filly who is already a multi A class champion halter filly. Ready to continue in the show ring, get out under saddle or join the broodmare band.


Padrons Leah


Chestnut purebred Arabian mare by Padrons Psyche. In foal to Sadiks Psyche for 2011. Shown lightly for championships in hand. Broken to saddle.


Mystica Zarifa
(Amir El Shaklan (Imp ) x Kreoluka (Imp))


Bay purebred mare. Full sister to Australian and US National Champion stallion Fairview Klassique. In foal to Australian Champion Sadiks Psyche for early 2011 foal.


Padrons Sharona Lea
(Padrons Psyche (USA) x Noran Mashona)


Grey 9yo purebred mare. Top 5 East Coast Champion Led. Good mother. Big tall stretchy mare.


Heartthrob Master Magician
(Ascot Choir Master x Burren-Dah Hocus Pocus)
Bay weanling ARP/RP/part welsh/APSB RP


Huge movement, good type, should mature small Galloway


Gleniph Mischief Maker


Bay rising 3yo ARP gelding. 13.2hh. Great pony currently in full training and being started under saddle. Huge movement, smooth body a great length of rein - will make top show pony and dressage pony


Butterfly FF
(Crave FF x Krystal Park Buckwheat)
Buckskin half arab/arabian pony filly.


Stunning pony. Full sister to State
and National Champions BuckBeauty FF and Bliss FF.


Pentagon FF
(Brandon Bey JCA x Fames Passion)


Congratulations to Lester Pahl of QLD on the purchase of this outstanding colt! We look forward to his future both as a show horse and sire.

Heartthrob Jazzmine  

Burren-Dah Maestro
(Imperial  Journal x Willowcroft Chorus)


3yo 14.1hh chestnut ARP gelding. Good front, soft elegant mover. Make great
open and breed Galloway.


(Sarezin x Valouria)


Chestnut 3yo purebred arabian gelding. Fully halter trained and won at the highest levels including Reserve Australian Champion as a colt. Started under saddle and already Reserve Champion at his first outing. A super alround gelding.


Promise Me Brass
(Bluegrass Bold As Brass x Mahalee)


Bay purebred Arabian show mare of the highest calibre. Multi A and AA Supreme Champion both in halter and under saddle.


Temar Izabellah


Sold to QLD.


RNZ Saphir D'Eau
(Simeon Saraaf (exp) x GRMarja (Imp DE))


Black  2 year-old straight Egyptian purebred filly. Exceptional filly of the highest calibre. Super type, movement, tail carriage and attitude. Multi A and AA class winner. In full work and ready to compete.

This is a filly to watch for! True black and will take your breath away.


Glamour Puss FF
(CraveFF x Geasha Girl (Burren-Dah The Wizard x Sia-Nara))
Bay ARP filly.


Outstanding filly - great type, movement and body. 3/4
sibling to Tokyo Joe.


Bremervale Marietta
(Desperado x Bremervale Rhinegold)


Bay 5yo purebred arabian mare. Multi A class supreme champion in halter, started under saddle and was Champion Novice exhibit at first outing (AA grade – Victorian Classic).

Heartthrob Jazzmine  

Burren-Dah Melrose
(Imperial Journal x Burren-Dah England's Rose)


3yo 14.3hh bay ARP gelding. Successfully shown in hand for East Coast Res
Champion led. Now started under saddle and going great. Will make super show (both open and breed) horse. Both parents multi National Champions


Burren-Dah Jessie James
Black/Brown Anglo Arabian
Gelding 2 yrs 15hh


Outstanding Anglo Arabian gelding closely related to Burren-Dah Namajira, Burren-Dah Matador and Burren-Dah Madonna. Currently being broken in at Future Farms, will be ready for 2010 show season!! Many wins & placings as a colt Res Champ Arabian Colt @ 2009 Vic Classic and Top 10 @ 2009 Australian Champs.

Priced to Sell


Aaramus KA
(CraveFF x Avondale Fanfare)


Bay yearling purebred arabian gelding. Fully halter trained and already a multi A class champion show horse. Full brother to show ring superstar A'Diva KA. Entered Vic Champs, Nationals and National Capital.


Ice FF
(Edenvale Artic Snow x Amakis Impressionable)


Cremello yearling part bred arabian gelding. Shown successfully. Easy to handle, halter trained.Priced to sell!

Heartthrob Jazzmine  

Burren-Dah Indiana
(Ralvon Clint x Jammy Almac)


3yo 15.2hh chestnut Anglo Arabian gelding. Started under saddle and going
well. Full brother to show superstar Burren-Dah Marietta (exp NZ)- National
Champion led and ridden and multi show champion open hack in New Zealand.

Heartthrob Jazzmine  

Eternal Star


Palomino 3yo part bred arabian filly. Multi show champion with wins at the highest levels including Reserve Australian Champion Partbred filly. Fully halter trained, easy to do anything with. In foal to CraveFF (East Coast/National and Australian Champion Colt) for a 2010 foal.


Superman FF
(BruMarBa's Future (Imp USA) x Elysee


Grey Arabian pony rising yearling colt. Outstanding pony colt - full brother to multi show champion SpidermanFF. Makes great show and breeding colt.


Whisper FF
(Burren-Dah The Wizard x Double TT Fevia)


Black brown 3yo Arabian Warmblood filly. Multi Champion halter filly, now going well under saddle. Great o do anything with. Super quiet.  Sells with a free breeding to any Future Farms owned stallion.


Temar Shaahman
(BruMarBa's Future (Imp USA) x El-Shama)


Black/grey  2 year-old purebred Arabian gelding. HUGE movement, amazing type - definite show and breeding quality. Already shown with great success as a yearling colt to wins including State Champion and Top 5 at East Coast.

Sold to WA


Bey Ellusion FF
(Brandon Bey JCA (USA) x Lexington Bint Ellusion)


Grey purebred arabian colt. Outstanding show colt. Already A class winner. Super temperament, fully halter trained and ready to show!

Sold to Tracey Bavinton – QLD



Just Magnetic


Bay yearling Anglo Arabian colt.Fully halter trained and already A class champion.

Sold to Petrina Gear – QLD

Arinya Park Monsoun  

Sinderella FF
(BruMarBa's Future (Imp USA) x
SoniadorFF (Bremervale Hercules x Future Farms Illusion (exp)).


Bay weanling purebred Arabian filly. Super
attitude, type and movement who just demands attention. Half sister to multi
supreme champion show winners Prince CharmingFF and LovergirlFF.

Heartthrob Jazzmine  

Bliss FF
(CraveFF x Krystal Park Buckwheat)


Buckskin yearling Arabian Pony/RP/Buckskin/part welsh filly. Full sister to show superstar BuckbeautyFF (multi supreme champion, State/National
Champion). Already a multi show champion at the recent foal shows, Bliss is
destined for great things as a show filly



Ice FF
(Edenvale Artic Snow x
Amakis Impressionable)


Rising yearling cremello part bred Arabian colt . Great body and movement. Future sire guaranteeing
coloured foals to all solid coloured mares.

Heartthrob Jazzmine  

Rising 3yo bay part bred arabian
14.1hh gelding
(Burren-Dah The Wizard x Amakis Impressionable)


Started under saddle and going quietly. Make good pony dressage/show/hunter/pony club mount


Burren-Dah Eskimo Joe


Bay rising 3yo, 15.3hh Anglo Arabian gelding by superstar Burren-Dah The
Wizard. This gelding is destined to be one of Australia's next leading Anglo
Arabian show horses. Super mover with huge reach and natural balance.
Started under saddle and going great! Ready to show at the upcoming shows!


Mustang Lodge Sea Scarlet

Sold to Tasmania


Chestnut rising 3yo 14.3hh partbred Arabian filly. Sire: Mustang Lodge Sea
El Paso Dam: Robali Amira Nitaya. Beautiful smooth body, great mover. Going great under saddle. Super quiet filly. Shown twice for two champions in
halter. $5500-


Oakley Manor Zuriel

Sold to Victoria.


Bay rising 3yo 14hh part bred Arabian filly. Fairlight Acres Kristian x Jayay Kalila. Reserve Australian Champion halter filly as well as many other wins. Started under saddle and going well. Quiet to handle.

Heartthrob Jazzmine  

Brown Anglo Arabian mare

Sold to Victoria.


15.1hh, started under saddle and going well, unshown to date though will make good show horse both in hand and open. Priced to sell


Heartthrob Precious as Gold

(Heste Arabique First Impression x Yambacoona Guardian)


Black/brown 15.3hh AWB 8yo mare by Carbine (Imp). Super mare in all aspects. Shown successfully at halter to wins at Royal and AA level shows, now going well under saddle and ready to go. First outing under saddle early October she was Champion Newcomer derivative, then Grand Champion Newcomer of show! Make exceptional show/hunter or dressage mount.



Warrawee Dreams

Brown 5yo 15.3hh Anglo Arabian Mare. Warrawee Grandee x Star of Lochiel


. Multi National Champion Halter mare both open and amateur, as well as winning in sporthorse and open divisions.  Going well under saddle and ready to compete at the highest levels.


Mianaibara Alushim Wind


Bay 2yo purebred Arabian filly. Simeon Shimah (exp DE) x Akaraba Alula (x Mustafa (imp Germany)). Very pretty, excellent mover and good show attitude. Ready to show. Started under saddle and going well.





2002, 15hh chestnut purebred Arabian gelding. Sire: Desperado Dam: Findhorn Khalilah . Medalion is a dream to own and show, easy to do anything with and extremely trainable. He is quiet to ride both at shows and on trails/roads and is training medium dressage. Medalion has been a high end achiever in the show ring, being Australian Champion Gelding ATH, many championships and Reserves at AA and A level shows, has successfully competed in led, ridden, costume, western and dressage. Is suitable to a youth or amateur competitor.


Belbowrie Talisman


Black 7yo straight Egyptian Arabian stallion. Sire: The Black Magic (x Black
Halim) x Tatima (Imp USA) (x The Minstil). Talisman is easy to handle in all
aspects, has been a successful show horse and sire, and is now starting
under saddle. Priced to sell.


(CraveFF x Krystal Park Buckwheat)


Congratulations to Jill Gregson of Burren-Dah Stud NSW on the purchase of this outstanding filly. She has so far competed in 6 classes for 6 Champions and 4 Supremes. Watch out Arabian Pony Ring!!


(BruMarBa's Future (Imp USA) x Elysia Silloette).


Congratulations to Emma Barkla of Heartthrob Arabians QLD on the purchase of this outstanding Arabian Pony Colt! This colt will take your breath away!


Chelleason Golden Emperor


Outstanding 3yo palomino partbred Arabian gelding. Sire: Willowvale Picasso (Imp/Ex NZ). A show horse of the highest calibre with multi A class and Royal wins under his belt. Fully halter trained, easy to do everything with. Started under saddle and going beautifully. Truely an amazing horse ready to take you to the top! $16,000-




Tonka TuffFF x Krystal Park Buckwheat. Exceptional Arabian Pony, part welsh, buckskin filly who has clocked up wins at the highest levels in Australia (multi A class Champion and Supreme, as well as AA winner) and also in New Zealand where she was Reserve National Champion Junior. Wheatie is a delight to do anything with. Should mature approx 12.2hh. $5500



Sold to QLD

(BruMarBa’s Future (Imp USA) x Siloette). Grey Arabian pony colt of the highest calibre. Currently in training for the upcoming foal shows.


Ballev Johar


Grey purebred Arabian 5 yo mare. Sire: Simeon Safsal Dam: Ballev Maleeka by Nile. Started under saddle. Fantastic moving horse.




Grey straight Egyptian purebred Arabian 4 year old mare.  MB Mayal x Nasahn Alation by PVA Sonbali (Saqlawi Jidraniyah Ibn Sudan strain).  Fully halter trained and Top 5 at the NZ Nationals. Currently in foal to Simeon Shatul due late September.


AA Bellistic
Sold to the Middle East

grey purebred Arabian yearling colt. Sire: BruMarBa's Future (imp USA) Dam: Mystica Belle (r. Champion East Coast Filly). Outstanding colt with extreme type, smooth body and great movement. Will be a show superstar and a future breeding stallion. Fully halter trained and ready to go! $12,000-



Sold to QLD

Bay yearling purebred Arabian filly. Arinya Park Klass x Bint Georgie Girl. Extreme type and smooth body. Halter trained and ready to show!



Sold to New Zealand

8yo chestnut purebred Arabian gelding, 14.3hh. Simeon Shemini x SS Barzarni. Barak has been an extremely successful show horse with many National Championship titles as a halter horse to his name before being started under saddle. In his first season under saddle he was named Reserve National Champion ridden, and National Champion Costume horse. Barak is ready to take a youth or adult rider to the top!


Sold to the Middle East

Chestnut yearling purebred Arabian filly. Arinya Park Klass x Breathless. Super tall, stretchy filly with loads of attitude and trot. Already multi A class winner from limited outings. Halter trained and easy to deal with.



Sienna Black N Style - SOLD to VIC

7yo black purebred Arabian mare. Warr of the Worlds x Sienna O’Harra. A successful show mare in halter and western pleasure. She had big movement and a lovely temperament. Measures 15.0hh. She is a top youth or Amateur horse, with some of her major wins including:

2007 Australian National Reserve Champion Western Pleasure
2007 Australian National Top 10 Amateur Led Arabian Mare
2007 East Coast Top 5 Amateur Led Arabian Mare
2007 East Coast Top 5 Western Pleasure
2007 South Coast Champion Western Pleasure

Currently been bred to BruMarBa’s Future (Imp USA)
for a 2009 foal.



Reid River Violashine - SOLD to QLD

5yo 15.1 1/2hh Grey purebred Arabian gelding. Already a halter star with Champions at A and AA level, though a successful saddle career is what is destined for this boy. Fantastic temperament, super quiet and easy to do anything with. Great to ride out on trails or school on the arena. Ready to compete and take someone to the top. Rarely does a saddle horse with such a promising future come on the market at this price. Suitable for a youth or nervous adult – he is truely a confidence builder!


Gleniph Catch Me - SOLD to NSW

3yo Bay ARP/RP gelding, 12.31/2hh. A successful halter horse both as an Arabian Riding Pony and Riding Pony, with wins at the highest levels in both including Melbourne Royal, BArastoc HOTY, Diamond Showcase and various other smaller shows. Stewie was started under saddle in May this year and is going super under saddle – fantastic to ride and really trainable. He has an amazing front that just naturally sits in a frame, and clean soft movement that make his comfy and easy. Attended his first saddle show a few weeks ago and was Reserve Newcomer Pony. Quiet to ride both in the arena and outside on the trails, or just jump on and ride him in his halter and rugs around the farm. Stewie has a big future both as a show horse and pony dressage.

Future Farms
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